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A nest for three
My dear loving girls
Living together is fun
Let's go and make love
:icondraco-angelus:Draco-Angelus 2 0
Pearl fox, playful one
With the shark and lynx you love
Loving two is fun
:icondraco-angelus:Draco-Angelus 0 0
I Found My Wife From a Past Life
I walk to the back of my bakery, covered in flower and smelling like fresh baked bread. I love that smell. I walk to some stairs that lead me up to the second floor of the building. The first floor is a bakery and the second is our home. The biggest room of course is her art studio, where she spends her days painting. I open the door to her studio, looking for her, completed and half painted canvases litter the floor and next to a window I see her. Hidden away behind a canvas I bought her yesterday. She peeks from behind the canvas to smile at me. All I remember is her big brown eyes and an amazing smile that has deteriorated from my mind from all the years without her. The bakery was located in Italy, I was Italian and she was French. She hated Italy but moved there with me regardless of, because she loved me. I forget if we married in France or in Italy, I do recall her family hating me, though I’m sure the feeling was mutual. Her relationship with them wasn’t the best ei
:icondraco-angelus:Draco-Angelus 3 0
It's not a question of keeping it in your pants
It’s not a question of keeping it in your pants
It’s not even a question of keeping it in our pants
Never was, never will be
There are no pants involved in this trinity
That is to say we all have our pants on
And we will probably keep them on
It’s idiotic, moronic, bubonic!
Honestly, I just wrote that to rhyme
But that’s just the point
As scattered as this is, whatever it is
Prose, story, poem?
Well, it’s all just literature so what does it matter?
But society, this society cannot even begin to comprehend
They don’t know! Think about it, it makes them uncomfortable
I’m sorry for getting political, but if I’m to be literal
I have to get it out of my chest
The political/literal line I took from Eminem, I’m sorry
But I do admire him
Tangent! And we’re back!
True love makes people uncomfortable
They don’t understand it
They can’t believe it’s real
If we think about it love nowadays is a paper ring
I took that lin
:icondraco-angelus:Draco-Angelus 0 3
Date One
That day she stood and waited in that room what seemed to be hours. With a sigh of relief she saw him walking through the door, hands cupped behind his back, just as she remembered him.
“I’d… I’d thought I’d never…” She muttered to herself as he paced himself towards her.
“Ye of little faith…” He uttered chuckling once face to face with her.
“I am so relieved! I didn’t know what hath happened to you.” She exclaimed as she wrapped her arms around him and embraced him.
“Come now, you honestly didn’t believe it would be that one time, did you?” He explained as he pushed her way with a concerned look on his face.
He walked away, let himself fall back first against the wall, resting against it with his hands inside his pockets, thumbs sticking out of them. “What is your end game I wonder?” He pondered out loud as she inched towards him.
“It’s been difficult to think about
:icondraco-angelus:Draco-Angelus 2 0
Date Zero
As morning broke she walked into that room, there, he was awaiting her, patiently straddling a chair. With slumped shoulders she walked towards him. Standing in front of him, she gave a shy smile as he stood straight folding his hands behind his back.
“You’re early, must be a special day.” Said the man as a wide smile grew on his face.
“Oh, it’s… it’s just, the others didn’t arrive and I found myself alone.” She responded as she leaned forward, her shy smile melting away into a concerned look.
“Very well then…” Responded the man as he gently cupped her chin with one hand. “Where should we begin then? Tell me, where did your interest stem from?”
“I um… It’s just that, you’re very wise and others have said that you’re way older than you look.” She answered as her eyes close and a light sigh escaped her lips. “And I’ve never been with…”
As he stop
:icondraco-angelus:Draco-Angelus 0 0
A Storm of Fire (A Song of Ice and Fire fanfic)
    The green fires burned the boats on Blackwater Bay, as Tempus Firemane, last surviving member of his family, known for his dashing good looks, the black hat he always wore, and his black and purple eyes, looked on with a grin on his face. “Seems this night will be ours men!” Bellowed Tempus to the rest of the City Watch as he unsheathed Proudroar, a long sword given to him by his father in his deathbed.
    While running to face Stannis Baratheon’s men, Tempus, with a keen eye that his family was known for, noticed Sansa Stark heading towards Maegor’s Holdfast. Noticing that some of Stannis’ men were heading in that direction as well, Tempus decided to break formation and head over to Maegor’s Holdfast by himself.
    As Tempus Firemane, known to be the best swordsman in King’s Landing, second only to Jaime Lannister, made his way into Maegor’s Holdfast, he felt a deep stinging sensation at the base of hi
:icondraco-angelus:Draco-Angelus 1 0
A teacher's prayer
Oh, how I fail to give a fuck about school...
Today I got late by accident...
I thought it was an "A" day when it was in fact a "B" day. No biggie, I punched in when I arrived and I'll punch out once I leave at 2:30. Fuck it if they take some of my money away. The Department doesn't see what we (the teachers) do for our kids. Just what we do for the department. Fuck the director, she's too unorganized to be effective, is a monthly schedule before the beginning of the month too much to ask for? Fuck this school, if the state wishes to close it so be it, let all the anglo's suffer, who else will teach the native English speakers? Fuck my colleagues and all their rancid, putrid, venomous gossip, I am not here for you, I am here for my students.
Alas, "fuck" is too light of a word for them. God damn them, God damn them all. They are ignorant to the damage they are doing to our society, to our whole humanity. God bless my students, they are not to blame. Not even the worse ones! If it were
:icondraco-angelus:Draco-Angelus 1 0
A story in a saloon.
“This place’ll do.” Remarked the hat wearing knight to his squire, as he tied his horse next to a small saloon. “Let’s take a breather and some grog while we’re at it.”
Years sat upon this valiant knight’s face, the tip of his ears bent slightly under his dusty hat giving away to his elven heritage. Clad in the heaviest of armors, he walked into the saloon. Next to him a young human carried his shield and trident, eager to experience his knight’s stories and his first drink to accompany it.
“So Ker-Ys, is it? Isn’t that one of them fancy families?” Asked the eager squire as they made their way to the bar. “I’d reckon you’d be living a fancy life with yer family.”
“Don’t take me for a chuck-line rider, I’ve never been one.” Retorted the weary knight as he sat on a bar stool. “Some maticore’s milk for the gunsel, and some straight grog for myself.”
:icondraco-angelus:Draco-Angelus 0 0
Character Backstory: Anjo Divino
“You know; they say that a sun rain means misfortune right?”
“No, please, may I have another? I love the taste of blood in my mouth…”
“No teeth? But then how will you ever question me, sir!?”
“I do not know! What do you want to call me?”
“Po-point taken… Anjo Divino, six foot six an-“
“Oh, of course; Lord Desecrate, two paladin trainees under me.”
“Yes. Dead obviously!”
“How do you think I got that nickname?”
“No license. Neither me; nor them.”
“Why should I care?”
“Helena… An elven paladin killed her.”
“Blue flames still burned her corpse when I found her.”
“She did not go down without a fight. She had some of his blood on her, that is how I know…”
“Of course not. I cannot kill that many. I will stop once I find whoever killed Helena.”
“She was a necromancer, which is why he killed her.
:icondraco-angelus:Draco-Angelus 0 0
In flames
Black wings that kiss the sky
Two bodies flying so high
In his arms
Over the mountains you go
Your guardian
The one you want to burn
Onto the garden
Forbidden fruit in hand
By the time you’re done reading this…
You’ve already fallen in love
:icondraco-angelus:Draco-Angelus 0 0
Second Letter to Abella
My dear Abella
I finally confirmed with a zero percent margin for error that Valther is not in the Academy, nor is he affiliated with it. I hope you got the gold pieces and they were of use to the family. Business is picking up finally, opium is not as easy to obtain or cultivate on this side of the continent, but the little I have had, I have prepared my concoctions and sold them. The people here seem to like to opiate drink, with the opioid drink increasing in popularity!
I have even attained a local nickname, all in good fun indeed. I did have some problems with the authorities in certain areas, but nothing some free samples cannot fix. The graduation ceremony will begin shortly, I know not who my team mates will be, and therefore I am giving myself an 82.5 chance of victory.
The opium from this side of the mountain has a certain kick to it, must be because of Yggdrasil. You should be getting some on your next package, remember to give some to Nicolae and prepare the rest like I sho
:icondraco-angelus:Draco-Angelus 0 2
Letter to Abella
My dear Abella:
These past 3 years have not been easy without you, but I will get that rapscallion Valther. Worry not about words the Senate might speak; those old fools are ignorant to the troubles in the world. The Free States are dying without our brethren from the fallen kingdom and they still deny themselves to work together with the rest of the continent, hiding themselves behind dead mountains. I do miss the old days my love, and I want naught but to return to our life of leisure away from that forsaken Academy. But reclaiming my stolen research comes paramount, and Valther has to pay for destroying our family estate!
Alas, I keep trying but I cannot remember my formulae to create alchemical golems substituting magic for good old fashion alchemy! Heed my words dearest one! The choice to join the Academy was not one I took lightly! But with Valther in the inner continent I was left with one choice, to join, graduate and take it upon myself to track down that blaggard and make him
:icondraco-angelus:Draco-Angelus 0 2
Alchemical Fighter by Draco-Angelus Alchemical Fighter :icondraco-angelus:Draco-Angelus 1 5
Requiem for a fallen Robin
Master of masters
You who where a father to this and a previous generation.
A betting man would say to generations to come as well.
All of us you saved, would we have made a difference?
You who saved US from the sickness that took you!
May we have swayed the tides of fate differently?
Would you have used that belt to crack a joke?
For what dreams may come, will you be there for me?
For US!?
What were you thinking?
Did you think at all?
The seven stages come and go.
I hate you so much now!
You deprived this world...
This dark and hideous world, from so many laughs!
The memories, the films, they will remain!
But knowing you where there...
You hurt those near and far...
You will be sorely missed.
The sky lost it's brightest star.
We will always love you, father Robin.
Rest in peace, wherever you are.
:icondraco-angelus:Draco-Angelus 5 6
d20 3.5 without enhancement magic. by Draco-Angelus d20 3.5 without enhancement magic. :icondraco-angelus:Draco-Angelus 1 5


Commission: Zero (X series)  and Zero.EXE Fusion by ultimatemaverickx Commission: Zero (X series) and Zero.EXE Fusion :iconultimatemaverickx:ultimatemaverickx 616 67 Thorn Princess by Maxa-art Thorn Princess :iconmaxa-art:Maxa-art 354 58 Caos Livinia by Ariss-Stareye Caos Livinia :iconariss-stareye:Ariss-Stareye 3 0 Taro by Ariss-Stareye Taro :iconariss-stareye:Ariss-Stareye 1 0 Myself anime version  by Ariss-Stareye Myself anime version :iconariss-stareye:Ariss-Stareye 9 1 fAIRY fLIES by Quirkilicious fAIRY fLIES :iconquirkilicious:Quirkilicious 4,689 155 Dark Elf Fencer by Maxa-art Dark Elf Fencer :iconmaxa-art:Maxa-art 365 44 Commission : SSWolfDragon5 by Sa-Dui Commission : SSWolfDragon5 :iconsa-dui:Sa-Dui 1,719 68 whisperwhite by len-yan whisperwhite :iconlen-yan:len-yan 2,273 36 Cullen Rutherford - Dragon Age inquisition by GENZOMAN Cullen Rutherford - Dragon Age inquisition :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 2,862 69 Tiefling (Moonlight Sundress) by Ariss-Stareye Tiefling (Moonlight Sundress) :iconariss-stareye:Ariss-Stareye 5 1 Tiefling Gown by Ariss-Stareye Tiefling Gown :iconariss-stareye:Ariss-Stareye 5 1 Onesiss Moonpriest  by Ariss-Stareye Onesiss Moonpriest :iconariss-stareye:Ariss-Stareye 2 0 Tiefling armor  by Ariss-Stareye Tiefling armor :iconariss-stareye:Ariss-Stareye 6 0 Red by Ariss-Stareye Red :iconariss-stareye:Ariss-Stareye 4 0 Gemini by Ariss-Stareye Gemini :iconariss-stareye:Ariss-Stareye 13 3


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Puerto Rico
I am "that guy with the cowboy hat!", I am "Mr. Cowboy", I am "that dark guy who seems mean but its actually pretty fucking nice!", I am "the guy that scares me", I am "the guy you shouldn't mess around with!", I am a "fucking gentleman", I stand out in the crowd! I am unique! I am Angel Miranda and I am a main character!

It has been an amazing year thus far. My baby girl is amazing and so is my wife. My students are superb.
But most importantly...
I have officially become a freelance game designer, at the moment of this journal, I have gotten 5 freelancing jobs.

Moreover, I have started two Youtube shows.

A.R.M.R Studios - Where I review Table Top Role Playing Games, play RPG video games, and showcase my own creations.

Trying to Stay on Topic - A show where me and friend talk about stuff!!!

Also, I have my own blog, where I post all my freelancing work!

So, following are the links, give them a watch, like, subscribe and share!

A.R.M.R Studios -…

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A.R.M.R Studios Freelancing Blog -

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  • Watching: My wife play Fable 3
  • Playing: Fable 3 with my wife
  • Eating: I want chocolate
  • Drinking: Water


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